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The Queen of Cups

You've entered my world now....

12 July 1984
I was an Art History and English major in college. My favorite types of art are art nouveau, art deco, some of the pre-raphaelites, italian post-renaissance, and much japanese art (including scroll painting and contemporary artist like Chiho Aoshima and Takashi Murakami). I love to read and devour books when I have the time outside of my studies and such to pick them up for fun. I plan to pursue a career in art restoration and try my hand at writing, make of that what you will.

academia, adult swim, advanced degrees, alpha chi omega, alphonse mucha, anime, anne rice, art, art deco, art history, art nouveau, arthurian legends, astrology, beowulf, blood, books, bookstores, buffy, celtic mythology, ceres the celestial legend, chaucer, chiho aoshima, chocolate, clamp, classics, cmu, comics, conjure one, conversation, cooking, corsets, creative writing, creativity, cuddling, dancing, daydreaming, daydreams, disturbed, drawing, edmund blair leighton, evanescence, eyes, fairy tales, fantasy, feminism, fiction, firefly, folklore, frankenstein, full moons, girl genius, gothic literature, hanging with friends, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, hideaki kawashima, his dark materials trilogy, historical fiction, hitchcock, hot chocolate, hugs, humor, imagination, inu yasha, invader zim, italy, jane austen, japanese, japanese food, japonisme, jewelry, kushiel trilogy, legends, lestat, linkin park, literature, lord of the rings, love, lunar eclipses, magic, magic knight rayearth, manga, martial arts, medieval literature, mists of avalon, monster theory, moon, moon light, moons, movie soundtracks, movies, museums, music, musicals, mythology, myths, neil gaiman, noir, novels, occult, old movies, opera, painting, paintings, philosophy, poe, poetry, pre-raphaelites, psychology, purple, rcs, reading, reincarnation, relaxation, restoration, riverdale country school, romance, runes, rurouni kenshin, sandman, satire, science fiction, scroll painting, seido, shakespeare, shirley temples, short stories, sleep, snuggling, strawberry shortcake, supernatural, sushi, tarot, tea, the dream hunters, the secret garden, the vampire chronicles, theatre, things that sparkle, trigun, unicorns, vampires, wallace stevens, watase yu, web comics, white fang, william bougereau, words, writing, zen